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    The Royal Fleet Auxiliary,
    the Royal Navy’s visible means of support.

    The 16 vessels of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary Service provide essential logistic support to the Royal Navy as well as UN and NATO task groups wherever they are around the world.The RN's Visible Means Of Support

    From marine and aviation fuels, missiles, food and those all important spare parts, the Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessels have it all. They are the Royal Navy's floating supermarkets. While also supporting UK troops, they carry their equipment to war and provide battle damage repair, as well as embarking flights for anti-submarine and anti-ship warfare, aviation training and front line medical support.

    Without the Royal Fleet Auxiliary, the Royal Navy could not achieve the sustained global reach so necessary in UK and coalition operations. The Royal Fleet Auxiliary Service is the Royal Navy’s visible means of support.

    Although still part of the Merchant Service, the Royal Fleet Auxiliary is an integral part of the Navy's order of battle and a vital part of any campaign around the world.

    The crews of the Royal Fleet Auxiliaries therefore require skills far and beyond those of their merchant navy colleagues; this includes war fighting, damage control and disaster relief.

    RAS with Royal Fleet Auxiliary TankerNew ships joining the Royal Fleet Auxiliary are giving it large leap in its capability to supply the Navy on the front line, whilst older vessels continue to prove their worth world-wide.

    To transport personnel and equipment to the front line, the seaman that crew the RFAs know that they may have to sail into war zones alongside their military colleagues.


    The Royal Fleet Auxiliary are supporting the Royal Navy with:

    Food, stores, and ammunition support are supplied by the RFA Fort boats, RFA Fort George, RFA Fort Victoria, RFA Fort Rosalie, and RFA Fort Austin

    Fuelling support is obtained from RFA Fleet tankers RFA Bayleaf, and RFA Orangeleaf, the new wave boats RFA Wave Knight and RFA Wave Ruler, the Rover class tankers RFA Black Rover and RFA Gold Rover, and the 'one stop ships' RFA Fort George and RFA Fort Victoria.

    The RFA also provides aviation training support for the Royal Navy with RFA Argus.

    The hairstyle Royal Fleet Auxiliary also provide amphibious support and secure sea transport for army units and their equipment via the LSDA's RFA Largs Bay , RFA Lyme Bay, RFA Mounts Bay, and RFA Cardigan Bay.


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